True Knowledge
Better Choices.

We connect DNA and data intelligence with expert insight to deliver true actionable knowledge which empowers you and your business to make better choices.

What we do

True Knowledge

We provide actionable data-driven knowledge which objectively supports sustainability commitments and enables true differentiation of brands.


We enable our customers to be more proactive, achieve better animal health and wellbeing and a more transparent and trusted food chain.

Better Choices

Our solutions empower businesses to make more informed decisions, differentiate their brands and ensure greater consumer trust.

Delivering True Knowledge, Empowering Better Choices.

The DataLive™ platform brings unparalleled animal lifecycle knowledge empowering our customers to make more sustainable choices for their business, their customers, and the environment.

Built on nature’s barcode, the DNA TraceBack® platform offers evidence-based food knowledge empowering our customers to shape the future of food trust.

Who we do it for

We partner with a wide variety of industries to provide tailored and timely end-to-end solutions for a transparent food supply chain and better animal health and wellbeing.

True Knowledge Empowering Better Choices.

Bringing our unique infrastructure and true data connectivity to your business.

Truly Relevant
Tailored and Actionable Insights

Truly Reliable
Enabling Greater Operational Efficiency

Truly Valuable
Building Differentiation and Trust