I Am Animal Health

Bringing our purpose to life.

“No matter your background, you’re part of this team and part of the future success.”

Ellen, senior marketing specialist, Pet Technology Support

“I’ve really had the opportunity to explore all and any of my professional passions.”

Elise, director, companion animal business unit, Animal Health France 

“Every day feels like a good day at this company.”

Rianne, associate director, Animal Health Communications

“It’s really fun to be part of the forefront of the new frontier of how we do business in the cattle industry and pharma.”

Tyler, regional manager, U.S. Cattle Sales

High-performing teams are configured with diverse people, diverse mindsets and diverse backgrounds.”

Chus Perez Fernandez, general manager, Animal Health Portugal

I’m really the partner for the customers. I try to speak their voice within our strategies and campaigns.

Maria Harmer, director, Omnichannel Global Marketing

“When we moved from the city to the farm, I fell in love with animals, especially with chickens.”

Andres Montoya, DVM, associate director, U.S. Poultry Technical Services

“All of my clients know that I’m in it to win it with them, and I stand behind them 100 percent.”

Andrew Stetson, territory sales manager, U.S. Equine  

“I tell people it’s a storytelling type role where you’re really gathering the global story.”

Michael Taylor, director, Animal Health Financial Planning & Analysis

“We work with the business to figure out what their issues are and then develop solutions and strategies to help.”

Suhail Mohamed, associate director, Service Delivery & Management, Animal Health IT

I show up because the company has shown up for me.

Glenda Fefee, associate director, Baton Rouge, La. (U.S.) site operations lead, Global Animal Health Manufacturing

I really loved the environment and the culture here. That’s what catapulted me into the animal health space.

Shelbi Perry, territory representative, U.S. Swine Business Unit

It matters that as a company, we make a difference in the world.

Cheyney Meadows, VMD, PhD, associate vice president, Global Animal Health Research

“It’s so important to stay current with how our customers are using social media because it’s a powerful tool for connecting with them.”

Megan Hyjack, Digital Content Design Specialist, Social Media, Global Communications