Investing in Tomorrow’s Veterinarians and Associated Professionals

We believe fostering the next generation of veterinary experts is critical for our industry. For our business to be sustainable, it is essential that we have access to the best-trained scientific and veterinary minds around the globe. That’s why we provide support for programs that expand educational opportunities in veterinary and animal sciences.

We collaborate with scientific, educational and veterinary professional associations by supporting research, education and specialized skills training, especially focused on the personal and professional health and well-being of veterinarians and agriculture professionals.

Our commitment to our future veterinary and agriculture leaders includes our Scholarship Program. We have supported veterinary students in 70 countries and have partnered with 18 non-profit organizations. To date, we’ve donated over $6 million in scholarships.

Through our mission of The Science of Healthier Animals®, we intend to ensure that animals continue to be provided with high-quality medical care, and that research needs of the industry benefit animal health, well-being and performance.

Deventer Courses for Poultry

Specialized course as a way for post-graduate veterinarians to gain knowledge in poultry diseases. The Animal Health Institute in Deventer, the Netherlands, recognized globally for its expertise on poultry health, runs the program with a focus on practical applications, such as post-mortem diagnostics and case investigations

Advanced Poultry Courses

Extended education programs for post-graduates that give participants the opportunity to increase their knowledge in the specific areas of respiratory and intestinal health, immune defense, and hatchery. Examples include our Hatchery BELT Training program and short learning modules on our High Quality Learning Hub.

Swine University

This is a hybrid program for new starting veterinaries or young to learn about the latest on swine health and management. The participants learn from experienced professors from the University of Pennsylvania and from MSD Animal Health, as well as global experts and leaders within the swine health field. It allows the participants to enhance their skills and reach maximum proficiency in the swine field.


MSD Animal Health’s CARE365®platform inspires a culture of care throughout the livestock and aquaculture community by empowering animal caretakers to provide the best care each day, every day, to responsibly deliver a safe, affordable, trusted and sustainable food supply to meet the world’s growing demand for protein.

In partnership with leading veterinarians and subject matter experts, the aim is to teach best practices in animal and fish care to new and seasoned caretakers and provide safety measures to keep workers and animals safe.

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Investing in Tomorrow’s Veterinarians
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