MSD Animal Health Takes Continuing Education to the Next Level with Swine University 2.0

Since 2014, MSD Animal Health has partnered with leading experts to offer Swine University to young veterinary and swine professionals – a two week-long educational program on swine health management, respiratory and reproductive topics. In 2021, the company introduced Swine University 2.0, a virtual series of three intensive, year-long modules, to further extend MSD Animal Health’s support of healthy herds and productive farms. 

Developed in collaboration with PennVet, the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine, under the leadership of Tom Parsons, VMD, Ph.D., associate professor of swine production medicine at Penn Vet’s New Bolton Center, and Gary Althouse, professor of reproduction and swine health, Swine University 2.0 offers young professionals an opportunity to not only gain critical knowledge of respiratory and reproductive health topics impacting farms today, but also to explore emerging technologies alongside experts and peers, enhancing their leadership, communication and business development skills.

“I’m delighted to continue our longstanding partnership with MSD Animal Health to invest in young professionals that, in turn, will shape the future of swine health, production and welfare across the globe,” said Dr. Parsons. “Our vision is that participants will bring their new and enhanced skills to advance the care of the animals in their farms and companies, and ultimately to become leaders in swine health and welfare.”

Swine University 2.0 consists of three unique educational programs that are intended to be taken in the following sequence: Master, Grand Master and Legend. Training topics at Swine University 2.0 cover a wide range of information, including infectious and non-infectious reproductive diseases and respiratory diseases. Modules also focus on laboratory diagnostics, including bacteriology/virology, ultrasonography diagnostics and approaches to necropsy.

“This opportunity will help the next generation of veterinarians and swine professionals expand and deepen their skills to fulfill vital roles within our industry. It is our hope that Swine University 2.0 will build an educated community not only dedicated to swine health and welfare, but one that also understands the science of healthier animals requires collaboration and participation from people in all corners of the world,” said Dr. Miquel Collell, global swine technical director, MSD Animal Health.

By completion, students enrolled from around the globe will have had the opportunity to train with leaders in the field and achieve the kind of proficiency that comes with exposure to real-world problem-solving, a unique experience that can’t be obtained through veterinary school alone.

Swine University 2.0 professors, including Dr. Parsons and Dr. Collell, offer real-world advice from experience gained in the field to address timely issues. These courses allow young professionals to learn from experienced industry leaders with whom they may otherwise not cross paths. Swine University 2.0 was created to build upon veterinary school learnings and on-the-job experience, while also pushing young professionals and their continuing education to the next level in an engaging way. As the swine industry continues to evolve, MSD Animal Health is proud to support the next generation of professionals who will become leaders in swine health and welfare.