Don’t Play Cat and Mouse with Your Pet’s Hydration

Cats are famous for their big personalities ― cat lovers will often tell you that sharing a home with them means companionship, entertainment and often a little bit of attitude. They are independent creatures with minds of their own, which is part of their charm ― but sometimes that can also make it difficult to track changes in seemingly simple behaviors. Tracking a cat’s water intake is especially important because it provides crucial insights into their health and well-being. However, a 2020 survey found 60% of cat owners couldn’t give their veterinarian an accurate answer about how much water their feline friend drinks each day.1

Why a Cat’s Water Intake Matters

Excessive water consumption can be an indicator of concerning feline health issues like diabetes2 and chronic kidney disease.3 Although measuring the amount of water a cat drinks is important; it can be a cumbersome and inaccurate process. Common reasons for mismeasurement include forgetting to tally the number of water bowls, not remembering when a bowl was last filled and not tracking individual intake when different pets drink from the same bowl. Luckily, a water delivery and drinking monitoring system like the new FELAQUA™ CONNECT from SURE PETCARE™ can help.

The Key to Unlocking a Healthier Future

FELAQUA CONNECT is a new smart device that was designed in collaboration with veterinary behavioral specialists to monitor cats’ water intake and report on drinking patterns such as frequency and duration via the SURE PETCARE app. Specifically, it records a cat’s water intake using the cat’s microchip, which acts like an individual “key” to ensure accurate measurement even in multi-pet households where pets may drink from one another’s bowls. It then creates personalized reports on the SURE PETCARE app that can help cat owners recognize behavioral changes that may indicate a health concern.

Enabling Early Intervention

Recognizing changes in a cat’s drinking pattern and relaying this information to their veterinarian in a timely manner can be crucial to maintaining the cat’s health, since early intervention can lead to better outcomes. It’s also important to ensure the information is as accurate as possible to help the veterinarian make a correct diagnosis. Without timely, accurate data on feline water consumption, feline health issues like kidney disease could go undetected for far too long. A smart device like FELAQUA CONNECT can provide invaluable insights about the cat’s drinking habits and overall health, giving both the veterinary team and the cat owner peace of mind.

Animal Health Intelligence

FELAQUA CONNECT is the most recent addition to SURE PETCARE’s connected range offering that includes smart feeders and activity trackers. To learn more about the FELAQUA CONNECT please go to or watch our YouTube video.

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