MSD Animal Health Awards Grant to Scientist to Advance Bovine Infectious Disease Research

MSD Animal Health today announced that Salma Chowdhury, DVM, MS, was presented the 2020 Gustav Rosenberger Memorial Fund (GRMF) Award to advance her research on the characterization of different species of non-aureus Staphylococci (NAS), a pathogen known to cause severe infectious disease in cattle.

NAS is a major health and economic threat to dairy farms worldwide. The high prevalence of NAS in the Bangladeshi dairy industry that impacts both dairy cows and buffaloes merits close oversight. Unfortunately, the strains of the pathogen are becoming more and more resistant to standard treatment options. The €10.000 grant will support the development of a Bangladesh-Sweden-Netherlands-Italy collaborative project exploring NAS in a clinical setting, with an initial focus on a water buffalo dairy chain in Bangladesh.

“MSD Animal Health is proud to sponsor the GRMF Award in hopes to improve bovine herd health management and foster safer farm production. By working together to empower young and promising scientists like Dr. Chowdhury who will become our “on-farm science teachers,” the dairy industry can help improve animal welfare and productivity, as well as equip bovine farmers with new tools to increase the safety of dairy products in Bangladesh and other affected countries with unmet needs – ultimately building resilience within the cattle health field globally,“ said Phillippe Houffschmitt, DVM, associate vice president, global ruminants lead, MSD Animal Health.

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