MSD Animal Health Collaborates with AAVMC on Antimicrobial Stewardship Grant Program

MSD Animal Health is offering two grants in the amount of $10,000 each to help mitigate antimicrobial resistance.

MSD Animal Health is entering second year of its collaboration with the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC) on an international grant program designed to help mitigate the global public health problem of antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

Originally launched in 2019 and administered through the AAVMC’s Council on International Veterinary Medical Education (CIVME), the MSD Animal Health CIVME Antimicrobial Stewardship Grant program (ASGP) seeks to improve instructional programs related to AMR in educational institutions around the world.

“Our company recognizes the critical importance of sound antibiotic stewardship and supports the responsible use of antibiotics to improve and maintain the health of animals,” said Elzo M. Kannekens, DVM, director of global public policy and multilateral affairs, MSD Animal Health. “Antibiotics are life-saving veterinary products that treat bacterial infections in both companion and food-producing animals. Their use in veterinary medicine also benefits humans by reducing the spread of disease between animals and humans and by helping facilitate a safe, efficient and sustainable food supply. We believe in taking a ‘One Health’ holistic approach to the well-being of humans and animals, which includes using vaccines for the prevention of diseases. We are proud to partner with CIVME to bring forward this international grant program focused on mitigating the global public health problem of antimicrobial resistance.”

The grant program focuses on antibiotic stewardship and emphasizes disease prevention through improved vaccination protocols. Keeping more animals free from infectious disease through immunizations will help reduce the number of antimicrobial agents required to treat sick animals. MSD is awarding an additional grant this year, increasing the total number to two grants at $10,000 each. After reviewing the amount and quality of the submissions for the previous year’s grant, the company decided to fund two grants in 2021, thereby accelerating the global veterinary world’s fight against AMR.

The deadline for grant submission is January 29, 2021. Recipients will be informed in March 2021. Please click here for more information on the program and for the ASGP application form.