The Power of a Connected Pet Ecosystem  

By Jeroen van de Ven, DVM, Vice President, Global Marketing, Technology and Data Innovation and Technology Manufacturing Lead, MSD Animal Health 

As technology explodes – consider the rapid expansion of artificial intelligence in our lives – we must be ready to harness its power for pets. In addition to products and solutions that can make pets healthier and owners’ lives better, we can use the rise in digital advances to enhance the connection between veterinarians and pet owners, creating a full pet ecosystem. 

Through the power of data, this pet ecosystem can ensure the most relevant and meaningful information reaches these important audiences – information that helps us collectively take better care of pets so they can be with us for longer, healthier lives. 

For example, a pet owner who uses our Sure Petcare® pet bowls has valuable information on their companion’s eating habits, which can help us understand if they might benefit from information on other products. We also can help pet owners use that information to give veterinarians a view into their pet’s eating habits, providing valuable insights into their health. 

Following the pandemic, we saw a growing reliance on technology, which is also when we witnessed a rapid rise in pet ownership. These trends have combined to foster greater reliance on innovative solutions that help owners keep their animals happy and well. We can meet those needs with platforms that provide a unified experience for pet owners to locate information on products and solutions that might be right for them.  

Our U.S. and European unbranded web site,, includes categories on pet health, wellness, behavior, safety and lifestyle, from birth through senior age. Most importantly, it gives a comprehensive view into owners’ pet health options, whether our latest monitoring solutions or the new BRAVECTO® injectable in the European Union.  

In addition to a comprehensive view into pet solutions, we can provide a more targeted one. Imagine if someday a Sure Petcare app also could remind owners to talk to their veterinarian about renewing their vaccinations or enhancing their preventative treatment programs. Or if our HomeAgain® monitoring for lost pets could alert those who find them of any health issues. 

With innovative technology rapidly changing our world, such opportunities for a more connected pet ecosystem are only a matter of time. Better prevention and monitoring will allow veterinarians and owners to work together proactively, with data acting as the voice of the pet.  

In this digital ecosystem, both owner and veterinarian know a senior dog’s eating habits, a feline friend’s drinking trends and whether a new puppy’s activity has changed. Our team of science and technology experts, including veterinarians, data scientists and animal researchers, is dedicated to safeguarding pet health and bringing pet owners peace of mind. And they are seizing on the digital revolution to do so. 

How we manage pet health is changing. We’re proud to be a part of linking veterinarians and pet owners, and most importantly, in helping them hear their pets through data. As we continue to prioritize the health and well-being of animals, and harness the power of innovative technology, we can look forward to a stronger, more connected pet ecosystem in the future.