17 April 2019

Young bovine scientists can apply for the Gustav Rosenberger Memorial Fund Award

19-4-17 Gustav Rosenberger

The Gustav Rosenberger Memorial Fund Award is a tribute to Dr. Gustav Rosenberger, the founding father of the World Association for Buiatrics. The objective of the fund is to further improve bovine medicine at an international level and to stimulate bovine research in its broadest senseMSD Animal Health is the sponsor of the Gustav Rosenberger Memorial Fund.

Young scientists can now apply for this award. The recipient of the 2019 grant will receive a visit to the European Bovine Congress (EBC) 2019 and a EUR 10,000, grant to be used for education of at least three months at a well-known university or institute, with the specific goal to increase the candidate's knowledge in bovine veterinary medicine either through course work or doing research.​

For more information visit the Gustav Rosenberger Memorial Fund website: https://gustavrosenberger.com/contact/. The application deadline is May 31, 2019.